A true modern-day Renaissance man, Jeff Burger is equally accomplished as a marketing wiz, digital media producer, author/editor, songwriter/composer, multi-instrumentalist, digital artist and programmer/developer. With clientele including Fortune 500 companies and other media industry leaders, his passion is making brands relevant to peoples lives through motivating messaging, storytelling and customer engagement through transmedia strategies. As a prolific author delivering exceptional clarity, he has personally written millions of words spanning corporate client projects, 500-plus magazine articles and six books on media technologies. Additional credentials include editorial stints at leading magazines in the fields of music/media production, interviews and performances on national television, and teaching engagements at major universities.

UCLA Extension        Stanford Alumni

San Francisco State

Jeff usually turnkeys smaller projects solo. When working on a larger scale, he can either plug into his clients' resources and/or assume the role of producer using the Hollywood movie studio model of assembling the best team for the job. His pool of skilled associates include professionals in all aspects of marketing and media production.

Prior to becoming a consultant in 1986, Jeff held positions as Sales Manager at Music Emporium (one of the first mail-order music equipment catalogs), Regional Manager with Moog Music (one of the first music synthesizer manufacturers) and Vice President of Sales/Marketing with MusicData (one of the first music software companies).

"To be successful today, every company has to be a media company."

—Jeff Burger


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