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Jeff served as a nearly full-time consultant to M-Audio's marketing team from 2002 through Avid's $200 million purchase of the company in 2004—a period in which M-Audio saw a tremendous increase in profits and was named the fastest growing company in the industry several times over. He was integrally involved in developing the M-Audio brand and product naming/messaging. He also conceived and co-developed the highly effective "Where do you want to take your music?" and "Get M-Powered" mobile music production campaigns, and wrote headlines and copy for most ads, web content and other marketing collateral.

Website Architecture/Production

Jeff also co-architected and co-produced the award-winning global, multilingual website. He continued consulting nearly full-time to M-Audio and Avid into 2010, representing the interests of retail segment marketing in the development of the rebranded global Avid website—uniting under one umbrella what were originally five separate companies and sites.

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Marketing Collateral Creation

In addition to writing most marketing copy for product launches, Web, newsletters, brochures and packaging, Jeff drew on his prolific experience as a magazine editor/writer in the role of senior editor for M-Audio catalog magazine combos. He also conceived and wrote additional collateral such as buyers guides and applications guides.

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“Jeff has been our secret weapon in creating and extending the M-Audio brand that defined indie music production and rocked the entire music industry. His skills have been totally invaluable to us in our marketing, advertising, web development, multimedia production, and overall branding and messaging.


Jeff is excellent at balancing the Big Picture while maintaining incredible attention to detail—and his ability to prioritize and adapt to difficult schedules allows us to capitalize on fast-breaking opportunities. Jeff has virtually allowed me to achieve the impossible: Be in more than one place at a time.”

—Adam Castillo
Former Director
Segment Marketing
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